Become Mykolaichyk with UberMYKOLAY

December 11, 2017 / Ukraine

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For each child the morning of December 19th is special. The first thought kids wake up with – what did St. Nicholas put under their pillows? One will find a toy he recently told his mom about. Others will be glad to receive gloves made by their beloved granny, and for somebody breakfast will begin with sweets. On this day it is very important for each child to see the miracle happened, and together we can take care of those who especially need this.

In partnership with Budynok Igrashok, Uber announces UberMYKOLAY charity event, which gives an opportunity for everyone to become Mykolaichyk and make a miracle for the orphans, children with special needs, children of ATO participants and those who especially need it.

Where? Budynok Igrashok stores in Kyiv, Odesa and Lviv*

When? December 16-17

How to become Mykolaichyk?

    • On December 16-17 in Budynok Igrashok stores in Kyiv, Odesa and Lviv you’ll find special gift baskets from UberMYKOLAY.
    • You can put your present in the gift basket and write a wish for its recipient.
    • To thank you for your participation we have prepared a small compliment.
  • On December 18–19 all presents will be delivered to children in need with the support of Caritas Ukraine charitable foundation.

All presents will be delivered to:

  • Children with disabilities of Dniprovskyi District in Kyiv. Rehabilitation Center вул. Райдужна, 15
  • Children from families in difficult straits
  • Family, Youth and Children’s Social Services Center of Dniprovskyi District
  • Children from families of ATO participants from Kyiv (ГО «Родини ветеранів АТО»)
  • Children with hearing impairments from Chernihiv ( Центр «Взаємодія»)
  • Children of internally displaced persons (база БФ Карітас-Київ)
  • Children from families in difficult straits from Vasylkiv (ГО «Альянс добрих справ»)
  • “Street Children” crisis centre, Lviv
  • “Mobile work with Ukrainian Youth” project, Lviv
  • “Letters to St. Nicholas” project, Lviv
  • Autistic children in Lviv
  • Specialized children’s institutions of Odesa

*Participating stores:

  • Kyiv: вул. А. Малишко, 3-В (ТЦ “Будинок іграшок”), пр-т М. Бажана, 8 (ТЦ “NOVUS”), вул. Берковецка, 6-Д (ТРЦ “Lavina Mall”), пр-т Оболонський, 21-Б (ТЦ “Dream town” 2-а лінія), вул. Велика Васильківська, 129
  • Odesa: смт. Фонтанка (ТРЦ “Рівьєра”), вул. Давида Ойстраха (ТРЦ “City Center”)
  • Lviv: вул. Кульпарківська, 226-А (ТРЦ “Victoria Gardens”), вул. Під Дубом, 7 (ТРЦ “Форум”), с. Сокольники, вул. Стрийська, 30, (ТРЦ “King Cross”)

Let’s create a miracle together!

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