Something Uber is Happening in Istanbul

June 25, 2014 / Turkey


From the historical streets of Sultanahmet to the vibrant boulevards of Nişantaşı, everyone can testify: there is something about Istanbul, and it is more alive than ever, attracting new generations of entrepreneurs, inspired by the beauty of the city and the creativity of its arts scene.

Istanbul, certainly one of the most fascinating cities in the world. And getting even more special today, as secret Ubers just arrived in the city!

For our first day in the city where continents collide, we are honored to share the first rides with Sinan Güler, talented basketball player for Galatasaray & Turkish NT, and Sinemis Candemir, TV personality & marketing professional, were our UberBLACK Rider Zero’s! They downloaded Uber app and at the tap of a button requested a Black car. Within minutes their luxurious Mercedes S Class ride and private driver arrived to whisk them away to their next destination in style.

Sinan Güler & Sinemis Candemir

Please note that during the test phase there will be limited availability, so if you can’t get a car at first, try again in a few minutes! We’re super excited to be here, and we hope you are too! Go for a ride and let us know what you think on Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook or shoot us an email.

What are you waiting for? Use your promo code below to start spinning around Istanbul for free(*) (up to 50 TL per ride) on your first two trips! To make things even better, we’re offering special discounted promotional pricing for the month of July – so do take advantage!

Uber Istanbul Team

(*) The code applies to new users only, and only applicable to rides in Istanbul. The code is valid for rides until Dec 30th 2014.