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Uber Eats

Improving the delivery experience

For many of our delivery partners, improving their rating and maximising their earnings is easy to achieve in a few simple steps. Their advice is to follow the delivery instructions carefully, transport items securely, and be polite at all times. Find out below how you can improve the Uber Eats delivery experience for yourself, eaters and restaurants with some of our top delivery partners' best practices.

How to

Maximise your time and earnings

  • Check newsletters from Uber Eats

    Top delivery partners find that regularly checking their emails, SMSes and in-app messages from Uber Eats helps them plan their trips better to make the most out of their time online. These communication tools relay important information on incentive updates and other upcoming/time-sensitive promotions.

  • Know where to go

    To receive high trip requests and maximise individual trip earnings, top delivery partners suggest going online in a high Boost zone during a specified Boost timeblock.

    The Downtown Boost Zone typically generates a continuous stream of delivery trip requests during the lunch and dinner peak, and it's during these times that the Boost multiplier is at its highest.

    Boost multiplies your earnings for all trips within a specified Boost zone during specified hours. Click here to find out where to go.

  • Verify address with eaters if unclear

    Sometimes, an eater's address may appear to be incomplete. Our top delivery partners suggest calling eaters via the app before proceeding to the location to verify the missing details (e.g. unit number).

    If the eater remains uncontactable upon arrival at their location, our top delivery partners recommend following our Drop-off Policy to give eaters some time to respond and be compensated for such trips.

  • Contact support to report issues with live orders

    When facing issues while in the process of completing a delivery, top delivery partners suggest contacting the Uber Live Support hotline at 800 852 6067 (toll-free), and explaining the situation or problem. This includes getting into an accident or facing a large order.

    The support team will then advice on the appropriate course of action to resolve the issue.

  • Tips for walkers

    • Bring along your identification card when doing deliveries. You might require access into a building where the security officer requires you to present your personal identification card.
    • Have a powerbank with you at all times to keep your phone charged.
    • Carry a water bottle to stay hydrated at all times.

How to

Improve your rating

  • Delivering drinks

    Drinks complete a meal, so it’s important that they're securely transported. Sometimes, eaters let our support team or a restaurant know that their drink has been dropped or spilled en-route. If you think the restaurant packaging provided for drinks needs improving, you might want to leave feedback in a comment to the restaurant.

    To transport drinks with care, top delivery partners keep them level and upright, either inside an insulated bag, cup tray or cup holder, or securely on a car seat. Doing this ensures that drinks are unlikely to slide or fall during delivery.

    Eaters also let us know they prefer cold drinks to be kept cold, and hot food to be kept hot. Keeping hot and cold items separate with bag dividers makes this easier.

  • Deliver food in the best quality

    An important part of the Uber Eats experience for consumers is receiving their items intact. Sometimes, eaters will let our support team know that their order was opened, damaged and in some cases missing. This could mean items have been opened; the packaging may be damaged, items are missing; or in rare cases, some of the orders may have been eaten.

    Accidents can happen during delivery. Our top delivery partners suggest carefully checking that all items are included and in their packaging before leaving the restaurant. If there is any damage during transit, inform the eater about the extent of the damage while handing over the food.

  • Timeliness is key

    Another important part of the Uber Eats experience for consumers is receiving their food on time. Sometimes, eaters and restaurant tell us that delivery partners take much longer than expected to arrive at the restaurant and eater’s location.

    When in doubt or having issues locating the address, top delivery partners practice calling the restaurant or eater for the most optimal route to their location. If an unforeseen problem crops up (e.g. vehicle breakdown) and causes delay, our top delivery partners recommend calling Live Support at 800 852 6067.

    We strive to honour our promise to deliver food to eaters within the specified time-frame. Having a consistent record of late arrivals for pick-ups and drop-offs may lead to your account being temporarily or permanently suspended. So don’t hesitate to reach out for help!

  • Use the appropriate Uber Eats gear

    The Uber Eats thermal bags help to maintain the food's optimal temperature and quality, while the Halal bag ensures that halal food are properly separated according to the eater's dietary restrictions.

    This helps to ensure a better delivery experience for you, the restaurant and the eater.

  • Go online only when you're ready

    When a trip requests is activated, delivery partners have a 30-second window to accept the trip. Once the 30 seconds is up, it will be considered as a rejected trip.

    To improve acceptance rates, top delivery partners suggest going offline until you are ready to accept orders and deliver.

  • Finish what you started

    Sometimes, restaurants tell us that delivery partners cancel trips after accepting, which leads to orders not getting picked up.

    If it gets hard to locate the restaurant, top delivery partners suggest to double check the pick-up instructions and use Google Maps to find the most optimal route to the restaurant.

  • End trips only after handover with eater

    Eaters sometimes let us know that delivery partners complete their trips before arriving at their doorstep. By doing so, eaters might misunderstand that the delivery was abruptly cancelled, and write in a complaint.

    To avoid such confusion, it is a top delivery-partner's best practice to only swipe "Complete Trip" once the food is safely handed over to the eater.

    In the event that the eater is uncontactable or unavailable, follow our Drop-Off Policy in order to complete your trip successfully.

  • Safeguard your account

    Sometimes, an eater or restaurant lets us know someone other than the delivery-partner matched in the app handled the food for a delivery. Both eaters and restaurant partners expect that the person shown in the app will pick up and drop off the delivery.

    Your account contains private, personal details. Sharing a delivery profile with others is against Uber Eats policy and could lead to account suspension.

    To avoid any confusion, delivery partners are recommended to ensure that their profile photo is their most recent.

    If you have friends who want to deliver with Uber Eats, you can get them on board as a referral and receive our referral incentive!

  • Be professional

    An inappropriate behaviour complaint is when an eater or restaurant partner lets our support team know they felt uncomfortable during a delivery. This can include inappropriate comments or unwelcome communication before, during or after a delivery.

    Even seemingly harmless comments could be taken out of context and lead to misunderstandings. With this in mind, our top delivery-partners suggest to always be professional, polite and be careful of what they say.

    We take all feedback and complaints seriously. Eaters, restaurant partners and delivery partners are expected to be mutually courteous and polite at all times, to make the Uber Eats experience a pleasant one for everyone.

  • Present yourself favourably

    Eaters and restaurant partners sometimes let us know how they feel about delivery partners having poor personal presentation. This includes not wearing shoes, or wearing stained or torn clothing. Staying neat and tidy gives a good impression on both restaurants and eaters.

    Top delivery partners suggest wearing clean clothes and closed-toed shoes, and removing helmets before entering a restaurant or arriving at the eater's doorstep.

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