Your favourite places, at the tap of a button

August 23, 2017 / Singapore

Whether it’s the office, your favourite hole-in-the-wall prata place, or home, everyone has places they visit again and again. Remembering those addresses can be tough, so we’re adding a Saved Places feature to the app!

Saved Places makes it easy to bookmark your favourite addresses so you can get to the people and places you need to see faster. You also get to name these addresses, even with emojis!

How it works:

  • Once en route to a favourite place, look for the option to “Save that address” in the Uber feed
  • To access a saved address, tap “Where to?” and then “More saved places” and select from the list
  • Your Saved Places will start to show up on your home screen shortcuts so you can get moving with just one tap!

Riders repeatedly use Uber to get to just a handful of places – from the most expected to the least (think Grandma’s house, your favourite 2AM karaoke joint, the 24-hour gyms for your late-night runs). Saved Places is another way we’re designing our app around riders, and our core belief that time is a luxury and the info you need should always be at your fingertips.