Wait-time Charges: Rider FAQs

October 4, 2017 / Singapore

Will I be charged wait time if my driver is not at the pick-up location?
If the driver has not yet reached the pickup location, wait-time charges will not apply.  Our system will automatically detect when the driver is a distance away from your pickup location, in such scenarios, the system will not allow the drivers to trigger the wait time charges and riders would not be charged the wait time.


What if the driver had to wait only 10 seconds after the 3-minute grace time?
Your wait-time charges will be prorated. This means, if you arrive 30 seconds after wait-time charges kick in, you will only be charged SGD0.10.


Will wait-time charges reflect on my receipt?
Wait-time charges will show up on your receipt after the trip. It will be indicated as ‘Wait Time’ under ‘Subtotal’ on your receipt.


When will my wait-time charges be higher than SGD0.20/min?
Your wait time charges might be subject to dynamic pricing. When there is high demand, the opportunity cost for driver-partners waiting increases. To compensate them fairly for time spent on the road, your wait-time charges may increase if there is high demand.

Your wait-time charges will be slightly higher for rides on uberXL (SGD0.35/min), UberEXEC (SGD0.45/min) and ExecLarge (SGD0.60/min).


Are wait-time charges applicable on uberPOOL?
Wait-time charges are not applicable on uberPOOL and Uber Car Seat.