uberPOOL: The Magic of Matching

September 21, 2016 / Singapore

Did you know that without technology, it would take us about 6,000 tries to match two random people who are heading in the same direction? Today, the technology we use in uberPOOL has allowed us to do just that within seconds, and at a tap of a button.

How do we it? Here’s our secret.

1) Relevant data: Uber’s global network allows us to collect data from billions of trips around the world, analyse patterns and iterate on our dispatch algorithm. We have an operations team in every local city who further adapts the logic based on city infrastructure, rider behaviour and more. This unique combination of central knowledge with hyperlocal insights helps seamlessly integrate carpooling into everyday life.

2) Tens of thousands of cars: Uber platform enables existing driver-partners to accept both uberPOOL and uberX rides. Our top priority is to ensure that there is always an Uber available at the tap of a button. Meaning, riders can seamlessly request either an uberPOOL or uberX without having to worry about where they are or what time it is. 

3) Dynamic matching: When deciding whether or not to make a match, the uberPOOL algorithm takes into consideration multiple constraints – with transformative results for drivers and riders. Some of these include:

  1. Inconvenience: We make sure riders are not made to wait to a point where the trade off between a cheaper ride is not worth the amount of savings. We always consider the additional time added to your ride while enjoying a cheaper POOL ride.
  2. Driver destination: Our driver destination feature allows drivers to indicate their last stop home at the end of the day. Once turned on, an uberPOOL request is matched only if the riders are heading towards the same direction – making it a magical experience for riders and drivers alike.

Every city is different – its roads, highways and travel patterns add a layer of complexity. But with a combination of relevant data, smart engineering and a lot of hustle, we’re constantly working to improve so as to ensure that every ride you take with Uber is a magical experience.