One Year of uberPOOL: Moving Singapore Forward in Less Cars

July 14, 2017 / Singapore

Not too long ago, the concept of sharing a ride with strangers felt like a foreign concept to Singapore. But in just one year, we’re proud to see how uberPOOL is winning hearts in the heartlands, and around the city, as countless of riders from all walks of life have chosen uberPOOL as their everyday mode of transportation.

Since then, we’ve reached a number of milestones. As uberPOOL continues to be one of the most affordable ways for riders to get around, we’ve seen a growth uberPOOL trips to and from heartland areas which have grown by 360%* since our launch.

Here are some fun facts we thought we’d share:

  • More than 40% of our rider base have tried uberPOOL in Singapore
  • Top POOL rider completed 1,321 trips
  • Top POOL driver completed 2,487 trips
  • Highest number of POOL trips are from Serangoon, Tampines and Jurong
  • Singapore is ranked #9 among other international cities including San Paulo, London, Chicago in terms of uberPOOL rides

We’re proud of where uberPOOL has taken us over the past year, and we’re even more excited about where we’re headed as more commuters adopt carpooling. Our vision for Singapore is to move towards a car-lite society, where people have the choice to commute using a combination of ridesharing and mass transit. By embracing shared modes of transportation, we’re all playing a part in transforming Singapore into a more liveable city for all.

*Stats from July 2016 vs July 2017