90-cent Uber Rides with POSB/DBS Cards + Apple Pay

April 28, 2017 / Singapore

We’ve got a sweet deal to share with you – During the month of May, your Uber rides could be just 90 cents!

Receive cashback of up to $9.10 on your first Uber ride of the day when you charge it to Apple Pay with a POSB/DBS card during 1-31 May 2017.

How It Works

  1. Set up Apple Pay on your device and link your POSB/DBS card
  2. When booking your Uber ride, select Apple Pay as your payment method
  3. Pay for the full fare and receive the discount to your POSB/DBS card account in the form of cashback

So go on, enjoy your morning commutes guilt-free all month long!


1. How do I use Apple Pay as a payment method in the Uber app?

When requesting a ride, tap on the payment option shown below your ride fare, and select Apple Pay. Click on it until a check mark appears.

If you have more than one Uber profile (i.e. Uber for Business/Business Profile/Family Profile), tap on the payment option shown below your ride fare, click ‘Personal’ to unlock a new selection ‘Change payment method’, then choose Apple Pay.

2. How do I add my POSB/DBS card to Apple Pay?

Open iPhone Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay > Add Credit or Debit Card. Enter your POSB/DBS card details and complete the card verification process.

3. Do I need to input a promo code to redeem this offer?

No, you will not need to enter any promo code. Your cashback will automatically be credited back into your POSB/DBS card account within two calendar months after the promotion ends.

More questions? Visit our full FAQ page for this promotion.