Uber Brings Janadria to You

February 7, 2017 / Riyadh

This Wednesday, you can enjoy the Janadria atmosphere wherever you are in Riyadh. Get ready to watch a traditional Samri performance in a way that you’ve never seen before.

Request a special Samri performance with a tap of a button from 12pm until 4pm on Wednesday, February 8.

How it works:

1. Open Uber app on tomorrow February 8 in Riyadh.

2. Select the UberSamri option that will appear in your app at 12pm.

3. Set your location and order the performance to your office or home.

4. Once confirmed, we’ll deliver a live Samri with ten performers for only SAR50.*

5. Get your mobile phone ready to record the Samri.

6. Share it on social media & use the hashtag جبنا_الجنادرية#

*Demand will be high but don’t give up!

Team Uber KSA