Celebrating Women in Fitness this International Women’s Day

March 10, 2017 / Saudi Arabia

This week we are honored to bring you stories of incredible Saudi women who pursue their passion for health, sports, and fitness. We are proud to share with you their journeys, challenges, and advice.

Meet Hala Dakhil

When it comes to fitness, Hala definitely started early: “I was active ever since my mother used to take me to the gym with her when I was four years old”. Growing up around fitness Hala always explored different types of workouts, sports, classes, and trainers, until she tailored her own patterns.

“Fitness is my way of life”

Hala is happy to see that transportation can’t be used as an excuse to miss a workout. She is grateful for the popularity of ride-hailing apps.

“Fitness is seeking constant progress that drives you to a better you every day”

When it comes to motivational advice, Hala does not hold back. She believes if someone wants to do something, nothing will stand in their way but fear and self-doubt: “Explore your strengths, your weaknesses. Every minute going by is a minute of you getting stronger and better.”