Ride Like a Pro

May 10, 2016 / Global

Riding with Uber means being as comfortable and safe as possible when moving around your city. As drivers are always on their toes to give you 5 star service,  you can make the experience even better by checking out these Uber Pro Tips.


  • Request when you are ready. Don’t make your driver wait too long. Remember that your driver’s time is valuable too and they immediately drive towards your location once they accept your request.
  • Double check your pick-up location on the map of the UBER app before hitting the request button. Pinning your location properly can save both you AND the driver’s valuable time so you can get going sooner. When in large buildings, try your best to drop your pin near the street you’ll be waiting.
  • Be respectful of your driver. Despite the dubious traffic, they work hard to provide you a 5 star service to get you to where you need to go. Raising your voice or using foul words is not very UBER.
  • No drinking, smoking or any illegal substance in the car.
  • Be mindful of the driver’s vehicle, treat it like how you treat your car and that is with RESPECT.
  • Despite what you see on hotel and restaurant review sites, 4 stars is not an above average rating on the UBER platform. If you are pleased with your driver, a 5 star rating will ensure he or she continues to succeed on UBER.
  • Rate your driver based on your driver’s performance and quality of service. Drivers do not control the fare. If you have a question, reply to your receipt or send an email to and we’ll be happy to review your fare!


  • Confirm you’re getting in the right Uber. Double check the license plate number matches the car’s plate and photo matches the driver. Confirm your driver’s name and tell him your name.
  • Need to contact your driver? Tap the “up arrow” next to the driver info and select “Contact Driver” to call or text your driver.
  • Share your journey in real time. Use the “Share My ETA” feature to send your friends or family a map of your route and expected time of arrival.
  • Provide feedback. Our feedback loop asks riders to rate every trip. We use that information to evaluate our driver partners.
  • Detailed receipts. Every Uber receipt includes your driver’s name, photo and route information from pickup to drop off. Your receipt is your detailed guide to your trip. Additional questions? Just click the ‘Support’ tab in the app or reply to your receipt and a member of our support team will follow up shortly!

And don’t forget:

  • Make sure to buckle up!
  • Please refrain from asking your driver to pick you up or drop you off in areas where pickup/drop-off parking is not permitted.
  • Have more than 4 passengers?  Request a second Uber.

Happy Riding!