Women of Uber, Pakistan

March 8 / Pakistan

This International Women’s Day, get to know the women who are working behind the scenes to ensure that your Uber experience always get better, your ride home is safe and that our partner drivers feel appreciated. 

Say hello to the Women of Uber, Pakistan.

Here’s what these amazing women had to say when asked about their ball of opportunity :

“Perhaps, I had been waiting for that one moment or that one push that would make me want to learn how to drive a car. And when that moment came, I knew if I wanted to get places, meet friends, go to work and live the life that I envisioned for myself, I had to learn how to drive. My first driving lesson was when I caught my ball of opportunity. Learning how to drive has liberated me.” — Saman Haq

“There was a time when I had quit my job and was looking for opportunities elsewhere. It’s then that I realised that the time to fulfil a life long dream of becoming certified scuba driver was now.”  — Zainab Tariq

“In Nov 2013, my boss said she saw something special in me and that I will go places in life. That simple positive reinforcement  changed the trajectory of my life. I aimed higher and took greater risks. That belief in my capabilities allowed me to achieve more than I had the audacity to dream.” — Aan Cheema

“Becoming a single mom to my baby boy was the moment that changed my life. It was then that I realized my strengths.”

— Ayesha Mir

"For me, my moment of opportunity came when I first interviewed for AIESEC, without having done my research. It was during the interview, that I asked questions and learned about the organization. I realised how much I wanted to join it but I knew I wouldn't be accepted. When I interviewed again, I had done my research, and knew how being a part of the AIESEC  could give me the opportunity to not only travel but develop a network of friends that would last me a lifetime." — Mavra Khan

"Seeing a kid my age, beg for food while I still  had my favourite ice cream sundae in hand changed me. Every initiative I take in my professional and personal life has to include some social aspect because of that one moment." — Ayesha Aleem

"I came to Lahore from the States to volunteer for a while. It was when I had the chance to work with an upcoming startup here that I caught my ball of opportunity, and decided to make my stay permanent. Since then, I have changed jobs, found what I truly love doing and successfully managed to build a life of my own in this city"  – Aisha A. Awan

"I never thought travelling alone could teach me so many things about myself but when I got the opportunity to take my first trip alone, I learned how fun and liberating it is. Travelling by myself has taught me to trust my instinct"  — Dania Anwar

“I caught my ball of opportunity when I  took up a 3 month work assignment in East Africa.  Living and working out of East Africa enabled me to come back to Pakistan with a fresh perspective both professionally and personally. — Amna Asim

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