Where To? Uber Champions Tournament

January 31 / Pakistan

Let’s back track a little. You are a teenager, playing cricket with your friends. You hit a sixer. You envision a crowd cheering. Your favorite cricketing super star is in the crowd. It is a dream. Uber partner drivers realised it just last month. How?

Partner drivers from eight cities came together to take part in the Uber Champions Tournament. In the first leg of the tournament, multiple teams were formed in each city. Each team faced the other in a six overs match. Finally, one team per city was selected to travel to Lahore. 

Over 60 partner drivers from across Pakistan, took the back seat and traveled to Lahore on all expense paid trips for three days. In Lahore, they represented their respective cities, and took part in the quarter finals. Teams from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Multan made it to the semi finals.


The energy was intense, partner drivers who didn’t know each other before were trying their best to work together to make it to the final match. Finally, Team Karachi and Multan made it to the finals and Team Karachi won the tournament. 

A friendly match then took place between Team Karachi and Team Uber. In the audience, Inzamam-ul-Haq and Wajahat Ullah Wasti cheered the teams on. The event ended with the cricketing legends presenting the winning team with a cash prize of Rs. 150,000. But this wasn’t where it ended. 

The next day, Inzamam-ul-Haq joined the partner drivers from Team Karachi at the Aleem Dar Cricket Academy and coached them. Exactly how do you spin? How do you bat better? Imagine standing next to your favourite cricketing star and having the chance to learn their skill. How cool is that?