UberGIVE to SOS Children’s Village

July 12, 2018 / Pakistan

This July, why not add magic to a little one’s summer break? Go through your closets and think of things that might just make a child’s day! A box of your old crayons or the tee your kid outgrew could mean a lot to someone else. Request an Uber to donate new or gently used items like clothes, stationary items, toys and story books to the kids at SOS Children’s Village. The ride will be free of charge. 

Here’s How This Works:

  1. Bag up your donations
  2. Fire up your Uber app on July 15, 2018, between 12pm – 3 pm 
  3. Enter “SOS Children’s Village” as your drop off destination
  4. Swipe to choose “UberGIVE” car type
  5. Request! Your Uber driver will be at your doorstep shortly to collect your donations free of charge. You can not take this trip. The driver will only pick and drop the donations
  6. Your donations will be dropped off to the SOS Children’s Village

Please remember that our partner drivers cannot leave their cars unattended. It would make things easier if you bring your donations out to them. We will not be able to accept perishable items so it would be a great idea to stick to clothes, toys and books.

Don’t forget to gather your donations and bag them up before Sunday! Come let’s spread smiles together.