Uber in Pakistan: A Ride For Every Moment

November 15, 2019 / Pakistan

If you’re reading this, we imagine you’ve already taken a ride with Uber in Pakistan. From super sized rides to premium cars, we’ve put together a brief guide to help you get to know the different Uber rides around the country a bit better.

These rides are available in most city where we operate in Pakistan:

Uber Auto

With Uber Auto, you can catch your typical, low-cost rickshaw ride in cities across Pakistan. However, with Uber Auto, there’s no haggling or searching for a ride! By requesting from the Uber app, you can ride from your doorstep, know what you’re paying before you ride and pay with cash or card. It’s the ultimate in convenience.


UberMini is exactly what you’d imagine – an Uber ride in a supermini car! With a mix of hatchback mini cars from a variety of brands, you can enjoy an even more cost-efficient ride in a classic, reliable car. Find more specific information on uberMini’s pricing on the blog.


In cities across Pakistan, you can catch one of our lowest cost rides ever with uberMOTO. This ride gives you the option to travel on the back of a motorbike, letting you dodge the main roads for a more direct route at a fraction of the price. And when you ride with us, you’ll be able to see your driver’s details, and can rest assured that they have a valid license.


It’s a ride that needs no introduction: our flagship service, UberX, offers easy everyday rides at everyday rates, available in Lahore and Karachi. Whether you’re coming home from work or heading out with friends, UberX is the go-to option for a quick, comfortable ride across town. UberX cars are typically comfortable sedans and seat up to four passengers – enough space for co-workers, friends or family. 


In Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, UberGO is the best way to get a comfortable but more cost-efficient ride. This option provides short-haul rides in standard hatchbacks across city centres, making for a super low-cost service—even cheaper than UberX! It’s perfect for when you have a quick errand to run but don’t want to waste time walking across town, or even for the daily commute to the office. 

 So, next time you’re requesting a ride, take a moment to weigh up your options—whether you’re looking for a ride that’s quick, affordable or stylish, there’s an Uber car in Pakistan to suit your needs.