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Uber facilitating access to vaccines

November 19, 2021 / Pakistan

Uber facilitating access to vaccines. We’ll get there together

Uber is committed to helping as many people as possible receive a vaccination during this critical time. That’s why we are offering 4 free rides, with a max cap of PKR 375 per ride, for anyone travelling to and from one of the dedicated vaccination centers which are available on the NCOC website along with the listed private hospitals.

Click on this code “PakistanVaccine2021” to redeem the discount. Valid until December 31st, 2021

Find the locations in the list below; trips must start or end at one of the vaccination centers below, and are subject to availability.

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Vaccination Centers

        How to claim your trip

        Once you receive a voucher by SMS or email, just tap the link and follow the steps below to accept and redeem them.

        How vouchers are redeemed?

        Tips for safe riding

        We are especially thankful to drivers whose efforts are essential to keeping millions of riders moving during this challenging time. We ask that you please keep your and your driver’s wellbeing in mind by: 

        • Wearing face coverings or masks at all times, as legally required 
        • Washing your hands (or using hand sanitiser) before entering the vehicle
        • Giving your driver space by sitting in the back seat
        • Covering your mouth or nose if you cough or sneeze (please take any used tissues with you)

        Drivers have been given the same reminders to ensure trips with Uber are as safe as possible.  

        Terms & Conditions

        1. Uber is currently running a campaign to help consumers get to vaccine centers in key identified urban areas in Pakistan (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad). 
        2. The campaign period runs from 22nd November until 31st December 2021.
        3. The campaign period is at the discretion of the promoters and government regulators and may be shortened or extended if deemed necessary. 
        4. During the campaign period, consumers can book 4 free trips, to or  from any specified vaccine center. 
        5. The value of each individual trip is capped at 375 PKR.
        6. Vaccination centers that form part of this campaign are clearly identified by Uber.