This International Women’s Day, Go Behind The Wheel: Meet Naeema

March 8, 2018 / Pakistan

This International Women’s Day, we would like to celebrate the female partner drivers at Uber. They are hardworking and inspiring individuals who support their families and dreams through the Uber platform. Naeema Qaiser is one such partner driver who makes us proud every day. 

How did you hear about Uber?

I found out about Uber through some of my relatives who were using Uber as riders. They told me how some of their drivers had expressed their satisfaction with the system and income.

Why did you decide to join the Uber platform?

I had a restaurant and a marriage bureau. My restaurant ‘Delights Inn’ had to be shut down due to limited funds, I wanted to keep my marriage bureau running and in order to earn some extra I decided to join the platform.

What do you like most about Uber?

Uber allows me to be my own boss. I love how I have absolute freedom in terms of work hours. The app is very user friendly, the staff is very supportive I had my reservations being a woman but thanks to the staff at the GLH I have been very comfortable and well guided. Moreover, the bonuses are excellent!

What do you wish to achieve through Uber?

I aspire to restart my restaurant some day, I will continue driving with Uber, it saved me from excessive losses. Not once have I come home empty handed after a long day of driving. I don’t need luck to earn well, all I need to do is work hard, maintain a completion rate and earn a bonus!

Would you think of referring your friends and family to the Uber Platform?

A lot of my riders, upon seeing a female driver get impressed and inquire about the system, I make a point to guide them in absolute detail and help them through the process. I will continue to advice anyone and everyone on joining the platform if they have a little extra time and would like to earn a little extra from time to time.