Stay smog-free in Lahore

November 11, 2017 / Pakistan

We’re all aware of how smog engulfs Lahore every year, but what most of us don’t know is that it causes numerous health problems like eye infections, coughing and headaches.

We’re all about celebrating the cities we’re in, and for Lahore, we’re committed to making it easier to navigate the smoggy landscape.

We have partnered with AugmentCare to distribute free smog kits to our riders, so that they feel some relief during their daily commute.

To order the kit, simply open the Uber app on Nov 12, move the slider to the “Smog Kit” option, and tap “Request”.

AugmentCare is a one-stop solution for everything in healthcare, providing support, advice, and convenient services in one stop—services like appointment bookings, video calls, stay-at-home lab tests, prescriptions, and more.

On Sunday, November 12, request a smog kit from 11am – 3pm, and if there is a car available near you, we’ll head your way to hand-over your free *smog kit. Remember, demand will be high so keep requesting.

*Uber does not guarantee nor bears any responsibility for the effectiveness of the smog kits.