Perfect your game with Imad Waseem or Sana Mir

February 27 / Pakistan

You have the chance to be mentored by either Sana Mir or Imad Waseem! Yes, you read that right. You will not only get a chance to meet them in person, they will teach you to play better. How exactly will you be able to catch this ball of opportunity?

Here’s How:

  1. Get creative. Capture the moment you caught your ball of opportunity by shooting a video, writing a post or simply snapping a picture.  The “Ball” here signifies all those moments in life that present themselves as opportunities. Think of all the life-changing opportunities that you took
  2. Upload it to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profile 
  3. Use the hashtag #HarBallHaiOpportunity in the caption 

Sana Mir and Imad Waseem will select the stories that inspire them the most and the winners will be get to be part of their individual squads. 

Looking for inspiration? Find it here and here

Things to Remember:

  1. You must use the hashtag #HarBallHaiOpportunity
  2. Ensure that your post is public
  3. Please upload your post by March 16, 2019