Islamabad, your UberX has arrived

July 10, 2019 / Pakistan

Riders in Islamabad, you now have the option to treat yourself to a truly elevated commute experience. UberX is your ride for all those moments that matter, be it taking a ride from the airport to surprise your mom, making it on time for a job interview or commuting while the whole family is on board.

Whats more?

This Friday, when you request an UberX, you get to meet Ushna Shah in person! Yes, you read that right. Ushna will be accepting rides from UberX riders on July 12, 2019. Keep requesting to try your luck and not only meet her but be featured on her Instagram stories. 

In case you are wondering, here’s how much an UberX trip could cost you:

Fare Structure for UberX

Base FarePer KMPer Minute Minimum Fare
Rs. 200Rs. 11.30Rs. 4.57Rs. 250

The service areas of UberX currently include sectors E, F-5 to F11, G-6 to G-11, H-8 to H-10. I-8 to I-10, along with Islamabad International Airport.