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Driver Requirements

How to drive with Uber

Uber is a great way to be your own boss and earn extra cash. Most people are eligible to drive on the Uber platform—here’s what you need to know.

Submission of Documents

Before you can start driving, you'll have to share the documents listed below. You can still submit your documents online and we will get back to you on when you can start earning.

For those who will be driving (not required for partner-operators):

  • Valid Professional Driver's License

Note: For temporary professional driver's license (paper form), please submit with a valid ID with picture and date of birth.

For vehicle owners:

  • Vehicle's Proof of Official Registration (OR)
  • Vehicle's Certificat of Registration (CR)

Vehicle must be 3 years old or newer (e.g. if you are signing up in 2017, your vehicle must be a 2014 model or newer)

In case your OR/CR is unavailable, we also accept Sales Invoice. Please note that this is only valid for the first 135 days upon issuance of your Provisional Authority.

Step-by-step sign-up process


Sign up online

Signing up is easy and free. No car? We'll help you get one.


Upload your documents

You need to submit a few documents before you can start driving. Don't worry! You can complete your application online.


Start earning

You will hear from us when your account has been activated. Then, you can take your first trip.

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