This is how the Philippines moved this year

December 13, 2017 / Philippines

You can tell a lot about countries and cities by how they move: Where do people spend their weekends? What are the top countries Filipinos visit? We’ve uncovered some interesting trends that have made 2017 yet another year to remember.    

Timing is everything. 8:00 pm means a lot of things to different people in the Philippines: having dinner with loved ones, pre-gaming before partying the night away, or simply braving the traffic to go home and rest. Filipinos took the most trips at this time of the day, suggesting that we knock off from work at 6:30 pm onwards before plotting a speedy escape.

But Thursday is when things get really hectic, as we found. For Filipinos, Thursdays are the new Fridays; we’d like a head start to the weekend!

This year, the most Ubers were taken on the 12th of August, which also happens to be World Elephant Day — coincidence? We’ll let you decide.

January 15 was the least popular day to ride – maybe everyone was partying hard in Sinulog?

Wanderlust runs through Filipinos’ veins, with Uber being used in 566 cities in 80 countries.

Popular countries to visit among Filipino Uber users include Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, with USA coming out tops as the most popular holiday destination this year.

Philippines also celebrated being 1/156th of Uber’s 5 billionth ride globally in May.

Adding to the backseat action, three babies were born in an Uber here in the Philippines. They are Uber’s youngest ever passengers in Philippines.

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