Try uberPOOL with flat fares starting at ₱99

November 27, 2017 / Philippines

Make your weekday commutes more comfortable with just one ride on uberPOOL. Starting December 4, enjoy flat fares on uberPOOL starting at 99. Available on weekdays, 6-9AM and 5-9PM.

Other details can be seen below:

How it works:

  1. Select any of these pickup points on the Uber app:
    • 6-9AM (Weekdays): Glorietta 5 (Park Entrance), Shangri-La Plaza (Rustan’s – Main Wing), SM North Edsa (M2 – Main Entrance)
    • 5-9PM (Weekdays): Market Market (Drop-off Bay), Glorietta 5 (Park Entrance)
  2. Indicate your destination. Make sure that this is in either BGC, Makati, Ortigas, or Quezon City. If your pickup point and destination qualify, the flat fare will appear. Specific areas within these cities are indicated in the maps below.
  3. Choose the Pool option and tap “REQUEST SHARED CAR.”
  4. Select the number of seats needed and tap “CONFIRM SEATS.” A maximum of 2 seats is allowed.
  5. After requesting a car, select your specific pickup zone/point from the list/s provided.
  6. Wait for your ride.
  7. As this is an uberPOOL ride, you may be matched with another rider traveling along a similar route.
  8. Relax and wait until you get to your destination.

Destination Details

Destinations are detailed in the tabs below.


1. I am in the correct pickup point but it is not being automatically being detected by my app. How do I manually set my pickup point?

On your Uber app, tap “Where to?” and tap “Current Location.” Manually input your pickup point here (ex. Glorietta 5). After requesting a car, select the specific pickup point specified in the table above (ex. Park Entrance).

2. Will I get matched with other riders who did not select the flat fare routes?

As this is an uberPOOL ride, you may still be matched with other riders along the way, even if they did not select the flat fare routes. They will be charged regular POOL fares.

3. Can I change my destination mid-trip?

Destinations cannot be changed mid-trip since this is an uberPOOL ride.

4. How do I apply the flat fare?

The price will automatically reflect in your app before booking a ride as long as the route you selected is part of the flat fare routes and is within the applicable time period.