Sing to Win With UberDUET!

November 21, 2016 / Manila

At Uber, we take pride in getting you where you want to be at the tap of a button. But every so often, we take it a step further and bring the amazing experience to you — everything from Ice Cream and Helicopter Rides to Christmas carolers on-demand.  And this Saturday, we’re doing it again by injecting some fun into your usual ride: win amazing prizes just by doing something iconically Filipino — karaoke!

By booking an UberDUET Rover, you get matched with a singing Uber driver and acapella singers that you can jam with! Take a quick ride around Bonifacio Global City for FREE and sing The Chainsmokers’ Closer in the back seat of a Rover and win Beats by Dre headphones, a one-year Spotify Premium subscription, AND P1,000 worth of Uber rides. Plus, in partnership with MasterCard®, you get a chance to go to the GRAMMY Awards® and see your favorite music stars LIVE!

How It Works

  1. Open your Uber app on November 26, Saturday, from 1pm – 5pm in Bonifacio Global City
  2. Book an UberDUET Rover
  3. If you are matched with an UberDUET Rover, wait for it to arrive at your designated pickup point
  4. Hop on and sing along with your Uber driver and acapella singers in the car. You’ll have a copy of lyrics to Closer, so there’s no need to worry! We’ll document each trip and put it all together in an Uber video!
  5. For singing your heart out, you’ll get:
    • Beats by Dre headphones
    • A one-year Spotify Premium subscription
    • P100 off 10 Uber rides valid until December 31, 2016
    • A raffle entry to go to the GRAMMY Awards® with MasterCard®, that you can read more about here
  6. Your Uber driver will drop you off in the same pickup point you were picked up from


What are the requirements to book an UberDUET Rover?

Riders must be 18 years or older and must have an Uber account. UberDUET is an on-demand stunt available only on November 26, Saturday,  from 1pm – 5pm to users in Bonifacio Global City.

What do I have to do in the UberDUET Rover?

All you have to do is sing along to The Chainsmokers’ Closer! We’ll be providing you with lyrics so there’s no need to worry. Your Uber driver and acapella singers in your ride will sing with you. We’ll be taking a video and compiling these to make an UberDUET video! Before hopping in the car, you’ll be provided with a media release form which you can agree to in order to join the activity.

Do I have to pay to book an UberDUET Rover?

All UberDUET rides are free! You will be picked up in your requested destination within BGC and be dropped off in the same place.

Can I bring a friend with me on my UberDUET ride?

Yes, you can! However, due to the limited seating capacity, you may bring only one.

What if I didn’t input the GRAMMYS promo code before riding the UberDUET Rover? Will I still qualify for the GRAMMY Awards® – MasterCard® promo?

Yes, provided that you add a MasterCard® on your account before the promo period ends on December 24. You will be asked to provide details (name, contact number, email) upon entering the UberDUET Rover. We will use this information to include you in the raffle.

Do I need to have a MasterCard® on my account in order to book an UberDUET Rover or win the prizes?

No, you only need a MasterCard® to get a raffle entry to go to the GRAMMY Awards®. You can still book an UberDUET Rover and win the other prizes.