Manila, Meet uberPOOL.

June 10, 2016 / Manila

We’re thrilled to introduce you to uberPOOL – our ridesharing option that matches you with others coming from the same area, heading the same direction, at the same time. Currently in its testing phase, uberPOOL allows you to share your ride and save on costs, while getting cars off the road. It’s the future of transportation.

Our vision for uberPOOL is simple: Make rides more affordable while taking the first step towards decongesting the city. Sharing your trip on an uberPOOL ride means you can enjoy fares up to 25% less than uberX – and with upfront pricing, you always know how much you pay before you book. When multiple riders combine trips and divide costs, that’s less cars on the road and cheaper fares for riders – everybody wins.


uberPOOL relies on the same convenient, safe, and reliable Uber ride you know and love.

  • Request: Under uberX, select the uberPOOL option. Set your pick-up location AND destination so you can get the upfront price.
  • Ride: You may be matched with another rider traveling along a similar route. Picking up additional riders may add a few minutes to your trip, but this guarantees a cheaper fare.
  • Relax: Sit back, whether or not you’re matched with other rides, you’ll still pay up to 25% less!


  • When: uberPOOL is available 24/7, starting June 15
  • Where: Entire Metro Manila
  • Who: Each request may book a maximum of 2 seats per pickup. You may be matched with other riders, for up to 4 riders total per car.
  • Cost: When using uberPOOL, the app will tell you how much you have to pay, so you know before you book. This cost will be up to 25% cheaper than uberX .

Be one of the first to try it and let us know what you think! #uberPOOL #WhyWeUber

Read the FAQs here.