Let driver-partners take you on an early summer getaway

March 20, 2018 / Manila

Even though summer isn’t officially here yet, we’re starting to feel the heat more and more with each approaching day. So before we start making plans to flee the city for vacation, we thought it would be a good idea to plan some pre-summer mini-getaways, which are just an Uber ride away.

Thanks to the the countless pick-ups and drop-offs they make every single day, Uber driver-partners have become experts in navigating the metro. We spoke to a few of them, and they shared their favorite spots in the city for an easy escape. So, for your early summer getaway, check out the places below, and let us take you for a ride!

San Agustin Church (Manila)

Let’s kick it off in one of Manila’s most historic landmarks — Intramuros. Whenever we hear its name, we instantly picture the old buildings and brick roads that decorate the place. Aside from that, Intramuros also houses two churches that have withstood time — Manila Cathedral and San Agustin Church.

If you are like our Uber driver-partner Roderick who finds beauty in the story the old buildings have to tell, then Intramuros should definitely be in your list of places to check out this summer. In one candid moment, he shared that he is currently civil-wed but wishes to be married in San Agustin Church. Saving up for his ideal wedding — a simple one and attended by special people in their life — is part of his reasons for being an Uber partner. When asked why he picked that particular church instead of Manila Cathedral, he said that the former is more as is and less renovated unlike the latter.

If discovering more of Metro Manila is your goal this summer, make sure to travel back in time in Intramuros.

Seaside Blvd. (Pasay) 

Is the ocean calling you but you don’t have time yet to hit the beach? You don’t have to look far! Just book an Uber and have our driver-partners drop you off in Seaside Blvd. in Pasay.

The place is perfect if you love having the sound of the waves to wind you down. That’s what our Uber driver-partner Mark said. The bay stretches up to Roxas Blvd in the CCP Complex but Mark explained that the Seaside area is a better choice because it’s right next to a mall. When you’ve had your fill of the breeze, just step inside and have a snack or go shopping.

You could never go wrong with shopping, anyway!

La Mesa Eco Park (Quezon City)

Nature-lovers are bound to have a great time as they will be surrounded by tall trees and lush greeneries. As mentioned by the former police officer-now Uber driver partner Jose, lots of fun activities and memorable experiences are waiting to be explored at La Mesa Eco Park.

The ecological nature reserve is home to several leisure activities such as swimming, fishing, picnic, biking, and even bungee jumping! For a minimal entrance fee, get your adrenaline pumping or be in your #OOTD for the ‘Gram in La Mesa Eco Park!

Poblacion (Makati)

Food parks are everywhere. From food carts to hole-in-the-wall restaurants, Poblacion is abundant with those! If you are the type to explore different flavors, Poblacion is where you should be this summer. Be overwhelmed by the number of restaurants to choose from! Go for a Korean BBQ or dig into some Vietnamese cuisine in this budding space in Makati. This strip in Makati gets even livelier at night with bars and concept cafes that locals and tourists flock to!

Uber driver-partner Mark shares that he frequently picks up passengers in the area because according to them, Poblacion always has something new to offer and that it has an identity that makes visiting it a memorable one. If you are feeling extra feisty, drop by when the sun is down to enjoy the bustling nightlife in Poblacion.

Cloud 9 Sports and Leisure Club (Antipolo)

Antipolo is a go-to place for everyone who needs a quick escape from the hustle of the city. Known for its accessibility, taking you there should not be a problem for our Uber driver-partners such as Edgardo.

He shares that he regularly takes passengers in and out of Cloud 9 Sports and Leisure Club in Antipolo. He always hears stories from his passengers about the breathtaking view at the spot’s 360 Point View attraction where they get to take in the beauty of the Antipolo skyline.

So before summer officially arrives, start planning your mini-getaways within the city. Stay in the Metro and just Uber your way to a memorable pre-summer experience!