Rebuilding HOPE for Marawi with classrooms

February 22, 2018 / Manila

Following the end of the war in Marawi, over 132 schools were damaged leaving at least 31,000* displaced students without access to a proper venue for their education.

It’s riders and drivers like you that have inspired us to keep this country moving and we want to thank you by giving back to the community. For our 4th Anniversary celebration, we’ve teamed up with HOPE to do Business for Good. Uber, together with HOPE, will rebuild much-needed classrooms in Marawi which will allow children to return home to a safe learning environment.

HOPE (Friends of Hope, Inc.)​ ​is a non-profit organization on a mission to ensure that Filipinos can achieve their full potential and prosper. They invest donations from both their affiliate company, GenerationHope, most known for selling HOPE in a Bottle, and their partners​ ​in education and agriculture initiatives across the Philippines.

We invite you to give HOPE to the community.





*Taken from Department of Education report entitled “Bangon Marawi: Education cannot wait. Education must continue.”