Happy 1st birthday, uberHOP!

February 10, 2017 / Manila

It’s been one full year since we launched uberHOP, and in that time, we’ve given thousands of commuters easy, affordable, and reliable rush-hour transportation, with fares up to 70% more affordable than uberX. By choosing to share their ride on uberHOP, they were able to enjoy cost savings while helping #SolveTraffic with more people in fewer cars.

As a way of celebrating, we’re excited to announce that all uberHOP rides will be FREE from February 13th to 17th – all you need to do is enter the promo code HOPPYBIRTHDAY in your Uber app before booking your uberHOP. There’s no limit to the number of free rides you can take this week!

Aside from that, we will be activating some of our uberHOP stops, where our brand ambassadors will be there to educate riders about uberHOP, and encourage them to take uberHOP to specific drop-off points – all for free. If you happen to be in any of the locations below, then don’t forget to check it out.

  • UnionBank Across Greenbelt 5 (11AM-1PM, 4PM-7PM)
  • BPI Orchard Road (5AM-9AM)
  • Uptown Place Tower 2 (5PM-9PM)
  • Net Quad Building (5PM-9PM)

Why should I choose uberHOP?

  • Safe: Just like uberX, all drivers are pre-screened and registered so you never have to worry about who’s behind the wheel.
  • Reliable: uberHOP delivers the same on-demand Uber experience you know and love, at a fraction of the price.
  • Affordable: Save up to 70% off regular uberX prices. With uberHOP, you pay a flat fare so you never have to worry about surge pricing. It’ll be extra affordable this week though, as all uberHOP rides from February 13 to 17 will be FREE.

How does uberHOP work?

Before you can see the uberHOP option, you have to choose your destination and pickup point first. If we see that there are available pickup and dropoff points near you, then the uberHOP option it will show up in the app. (NOTE: This is for the new Uber app released on November 2016)

Walk to the designated pickup spot as instructed in the app. Be sure to arrive on time or you might miss your HOP!

Sit back and enjoy the ride. Once you arrive at the designated dropoff point, simply walk the last few blocks to your destination.

Where is uberHOP available?

Below are the pickups and dropoffs currently available on uberHOP, and their corresponding fares on a regular week.


Q: Does surge pricing apply to uberHOP?
A: Nope. uberHOP is all about delivering a flat fare. Surge pricing won’t apply.

Q: Can I bring friends?
A: On the confirmation screen, you’ll be able to indicate how many seats you want to reserve. You can book up to two seats for every uberHOP request.

Q: How many passengers are allowed on uberHOP? Is it going to be tight?
A: Every uberHOP ride allows for a maximum of up to 6 riders. uberHOP vehicles are typically AUVs or MPVs that seat up to 8 people, so you’re assured of a comfortable ride every time!

Q: Can I bring luggage? How about pegs?
A: Yes, you can. But remember there will need to be room for more people and their belongings in the car. We ask that you don’t bring pets (except service animals, of course).

Q: What happens if I cancel?
A: When you request uberHOP, you’re making a commitment to both your co-riders and the driver. Cancellations damage both of their experiences, so please don’t leave them hanging!

Q: Can I change my pick-up or drop-off location?
A: Nope. Pickups and dropoffs are fixed and cannot be changed.

Q: How do I report issues?
A: From the Uber App Menu, please select HELP and choose from the list of concerns related to your inquiry. The Help section includes your message history with Uber support for simple reference to past answers. Alternatively, you may go to “YOUR TRIPS” to view trip history, and select the specific trip you had trouble/problem with.