Caviteños, Uber is Heading to You

October 5, 2016 / Manila

At Uber, we’re always working to become as accessible as possible to Filipinos who need safe, convenient, and reliable rides around their cities. After making our services available to riders in the South and East of Metro Manila, we’re excited to announce that starting Monday, October 10th, we’re expanding our coverage area to selected areas in Cavite (see map below).

In order to ensure reliable service for riders in the area, all trips to Cavite will be subject to a surcharge of ₱100 on top of fares and toll fees. However, trips coming from the South of Manila headed to Cavite or those that start and end within the Cavite area will have this fee waived. Similarly, trips from Cavite will not be subject to the surcharge either.


With this surcharge in place, we’re making Uber more available to riders headed to Cavite, while at the same time ensuring trips are economically sustainable for partner-drivers. This surcharge will only apply to trips that end in the newly-serviced area.




Does Uber earn money from the surcharge?
Nope, the surcharge is meant to support drivers in the Uber system. The full amount of the surcharge goes to the driver to compensate for the distance of the trip.

How can I see if my destination is within the expanded coverage area?
Please enter your destination on the app before hitting the REQUEST button for a ride. If the destination is outside of Uber’s expanded coverage area, the app should let you know.

Will tolls be applicable?
Yes. All applicable toll fees will be added to total fare of your trip before the surcharge.

Is there surcharge for rides coming from Cavite?
No, there is no surcharge for trips coming from Cavite.

Is there surcharge for rides that start and end in Cavite?
No, there is no surcharge for trips that start and end in the Cavite.