Made for you, inspired by you

December 27, 2017 / Philippines

Everyday, we hear from riders like you about your trip experiences, and many of you have shared amazing ideas about how we can continuously make the Uber platform better. Before we start a new year together, we wanted to share some of the services and features we unveiled this year that were made possible by your feedback.

Don’t worry if you don’t see some of these features yet — we’ll continue rolling these out to all riders in the coming weeks. 

uberXL. Made for big families and barkadas.

Whether it’s spending a weekend with the whole family or heading out with friends, there are moments when there just may not be enough room in an uberX. with uberXL, you enjoy the same tap-of-a-button rides you’ve come to love, at a price more affordable than requesting for two uberX cars. Now you have more room for what matters.

*Launched in 2017 for riders in Metro Manila 


Multiple Destinations. Made for sharing a ride with friends and family.

With this feature, you can add up to three stops to your ride so you can easily pick up or drop off your friends and family along the way. No more changing your destination in the middle of the trip! 

How to add stops? 

  1. Open the app and tap ‘Where to?’.
  2. Tap the ‘+’ on the right side of your screen.
  3. Enter the address of your stops. 

Request for Others. Made for requesting a ride for your loved ones. 

Now, when you set the pickup away from your current location, we’ll automatically ask whether the ride is for a family member or friend. You can then select the rider from your phone contacts and request the ride on their behalf.

Perfect for your lolo, lola, or maybe friends who are in areas where there is no wi-fi or unstable internet connection.

How to request for someone else?

  1. Set up the pickup location of the person who will be taking the ride (it should meet the distance threshold) and tap the request button.
  2. Tap ‘Someone else’ to confirm that you’re booking for another person.
  3. Select from your contacts the person who will be taking the ride. If he/she is not in your contacts, the app will ask you to enter his/her phone number and to name the new contact.
  4. Tap ‘Confirm Rider’ to request a ride. 

Edit Pickup and Dropoff. Made for those last-minute changes.

We understand there are moments when your plans suddenly change and you might accidentally request a pick-up from the wrong address, or enter the wrong dropoff location. Sometimes, this experience begins with a phone call and ends with a canceled ride.

With Edit Pickup and Dropoff feature, you can modify your pickup or dropoff location anytime after your request a ride.

How to edit your pickup location:

  1. Once your driver is en route, tap ‘Edit’ on the upper right portion of your screen.
  2. Enter your new pickup address or move the pickup pin and tap “Confirm”.
  3. Drivers will be notified of the new location and have their route updated.

How to edit your dropoff location: 

  1. While on trip, scroll up your trip feed and tap ‘Add or Change’. 
  2. Enter your new destination or add more stops along the way and tap ‘Update’. 
  3. Your driver will automatically be updated of your new destination. 

Calendar Shortcut and Saved Places. Made for the important events in your life.

Family Reunions. Job interviews. First Dates. The new episode of your favorite TV show. When you’ve got to be somewhere, every minute counts. And digging to find an address, then copying and pasting it into the Uber app doesn’t get you there any faster. We’ll save you the hassle with the Calendar Shortcuts and Saved Places features of the app.

How to connect your Calendar? 

  1. Go to your settings in the app. 
  2. Toggle on ‘Connect Calendar’
  3. Allow Uber to access your phone’s calendar in your phone’s settings.

How to add to your Saved Places? 

  1. Go to your settings in the app.
  2. Tap ‘More Saved Places’.
  3. Tap ‘Add Saved Place’ and enter the address of the place you want to save in the app.

*Don’t see some of these features yet? Don’t worry — we’ll continue rolling these out to all riders in the coming weeks.