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Introducing Programs for more flexibility

September 26, 2018 / Global

We’ve made improvements to how you customize and manage Uber usage at your business–from employee travel, guest rides, and more.

At Uber for Business, we’re always working to make it easier for you to leverage Uber offerings for your business needs. That means easier ways to get from office to office, new options for meals while traveling for work, customer and patient transport, and more.

At the same time, we’re laser-focused on making improvements to your experience as an account administrator, including new allowances and new ways to monitor usage. That continues today with the introduction of Programs, a new way to manage the different ways your business uses Uber.

What’s changing?

With the introduction of Programs, we’re bringing together the different places you previously managed different types of usage in your Uber for Business dashboard–Uber Travel, Uber Central, and Uber Eats–into a new Programs tab in the left sidebar.

What is a Program?

Think of a “Program” as one unique usage of Uber at your business. While some businesses might just need one simple Program to manage employee Uber trips, other businesses may use more complex Programs for different teams, locations or business needs.

For example, you might have one Program for general travel, another for executive assistants to manage rides for office guests, and another to manage a commute program for a remote office.

All of these Programs can be managed in just a few clicks in the Programs tab by designating different rules for each program, and who has access.


Introducing Popular Programs

Since we launched Uber for Business in 2014, we’ve seen organizations around the world find new ways to leverage our technology to fit their unique needs.

Now with Popular Programs in the Programs tab, you can leverage some of the most popular ways to roll out Uber for Business with pre-built templates. These include new programs for Uber Eats for Business, now available for testing for select new and existing accounts.

A screenshot of the Popular Programs section of the Programs tab in the Uber for Business dashboard.
The new Popular Programs tab allows you to easily add new programs to you Uber for Business account, and select who has access.


Frequently asked questions

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