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Trip safety

Our commitment to riders

Uber is dedicated to keeping you safe on the road. From our technology, to driver and vehicle requirements, to our community guidelines, we’re continuously working to keep you safe before, during and after every trip.

Before your trip

Getting a safe ride

Know your driver
Before your driver arrives, you’ll see their first name, photo, car make and model, and licence plate number - so you know your driver and that you’re hopping in the right car.

Safe pickups
The app automatically finds your location and lets you follow your driver’s route, so you can wait safely inside until they pull up to your door.

Anonymised phone numbers
Once your trip is confirmed, the Uber app allows you to text or call your driver from an anonymised number. The app doesn’t share your contact details.

On trip

Getting to your destination

Share your ETA
Once your driver has picked you up, share your ETA with your friends and family so they can follow your route and know when to expect you.

Always on the map
From start to finish, every Uber trip is GPS-tracked. You can also follow your journey in the app to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

Share the ride
It’s easy to share your ride with friends or family- you can add up to two extra stops along your route. The app also includes a split fare feature, so you can share the fare (a small fee applies).

After your trip

Always here for you

Anonymous feedback
Uber’s unique two-way feedback system allows riders and drivers to rate each other out of five stars after each trip and submit written feedback. This brings transparency and accountability to every trip.

24/7 support
Our support team are always ready to assist - just tap ‘Help’ in the app, or visit

Cashless payments
Every Uber trip in New Zealand is cashless. Once your trip ends, your securely stored payment method is charged seamlessly. Your receipt will be sent to your inbox immediately.

What’s the secret to a safer trip?

It goes beyond technology

Ridesharing is regulated

Ridesharing is regulated in every city we operate in across New Zealand. We work in partnership with governments and councils to help make cities move better.

Background checks and vehicle requirements

Each driver-partner passes criminal background screening and driving history checks. And all vehicles are required to meet safety and insurance requirements and pass annual safety checks.


Riders are automatically protected by the Accident Compensation Corporation’s injury cover. Uber also provides driver-partners with backup rideshare trip car insurance, so that other road users remain protected in the event of an accident.

Get a safe ride with Uber

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