There are many different reasons why people choose to drive with Uber. Some do it for the freedom to drive when and where they like. They’re the boss, and they work for as long or for as little as they want, following a schedule that suits their needs. For others, partnering with Uber offers economic opportunity during hours where it can be difficult to find work or for those interested in additional income while going to school or starting a business.

Either way, Uber can be used as an opportunity custom-tailored around your unique purpose in life—a statement that few working opportunities can claim.

The Uber Entrepreneur

While some start a partnership with Uber to create supplemental income, others look to Uber as their primary source of compensation while pursuing entrepreneurial efforts.

For many self-starters, the biggest challenges are the risks and costs associated with becoming a business owner. However, for those who partner with Uber, risks are minimized because they can begin earning steady income right when they need it.

While 9-5 careers traditionally offer a safe and reliable salary, they can leave many wanting more out of life. Alternatively, it can be difficult to thrive in today’s world without working 40+ hours every week. Maybe that’s why 87% of those who partner with Uber want to be their own boss.

With Uber, you have the flexibility to live your life on your own terms and conquer your daily challenges whenever works best for you. No more wrestling with paid time off, vacation requests, expense reports, or sick days. This freedom allows you to mold a work-life balance that meets your family, personal, business, and entrepreneurial needs—all while maintaining steady income.

Uber Flexibility Turns Into Productivity

With Uber, you choose when and how you work. This freedom allows you to create a more productive lifestyle to build your business both during and after driving.

For example, you can:

  • Take an extra hour during lunch to meet with a client or to take a business meeting
  • Schedule time off to craft your first business plan or to launch your website
  • Listen to educational podcasts, audio books, or business speakers between picking up riders to learn the latest industry-related trends
  • Stop by a local coffee shop to get a head start on industry reading; try to read a new book every 6 weeks to collect valuable insight to build your business.

Carefully schedule driving around your business needs to find a balance that best fits both your personal and professional lifestyle.

As a pro tip—don’t rely on a set schedule. Consider mixing up your routine by experimenting with the amount of time you drive. Take breaks and focus on your entrepreneurial efforts to determine when you are most productive. Try adjusting your schedule every 2-5 weeks.

Networking from The Driver’s Seat

A seldom discussed benefit of partnering with Uber is the networking potential of engaging with unique mix of people every day.

One day you could be driving an inspiring artist, the next day you could be driving the founder of your favorite local bakery. The opportunity to meet and engage with new people should not be overlooked.

As an added perk, when you’re driving with Uber, you’re helping your riders, an excellent conversation starter. If you drive with Uber now, consider asking your riders about their day, what inspires them, or otherwise initiating a conversation.

Consider experimenting with the following:

  • Share your contact information with riders; create your own business cards, fliers, or even marketing materials like pens and notebooks to showcase your business
  • Create an “elevator pitch” or a brief summary of your business idea, product, or service offerings and practice discussing with your passengers
  • Plan ice-breaker questions ahead of time to build a strong rapport; ask questions to keep your writers engaged

While you never know what will come of a new conversation and connection, you will have more opportunities as you increase the time that you drive, and you may discover an idea that will spark your next entrepreneurial efforts.