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Improving the delivery experience

Many delivery-partners find that maintaining or improving their rating comes down to quite simple steps. Their advice is to follow the delivery instructions carefully, transport items safely and securely, and to be polite and courteous at all times. Read on for more tips from our top partners.

Top tips

  • Delivering pizza

    For consumers, an important part of the UberEATS experience is ensuring that food is transported securely. Sometimes a customer will let us know that they received a pizza order that has been transported sideways or dropped en-route to them.

    If pizzas are carried sideways or not secured properly, they can slide or fall during delivery. Transporting pizzas flat, either inside an insulated bag or securely on a car seat can help prevent this. Those who have room in their insulated delivery bag can unzip the front and insert multiple pizza boxes, rather than stacking them from the top.

  • Delivering drinks

    It’s important that drinks are securely transported. Sometimes, a consumer will let our support team or a restaurant know that their drink has been dropped or spilled en-route. If you think the restaurant packaging provided needs improving, you might want to leave feedback in a comment to the restaurant.

    To transport drinks with care, top delivery-partners keep them level and upright, either inside an insulated bag, cup tray or cup holder, or securely on a car seat. This ensures drinks are unlikely to slide or fall during delivery. Customers let us know they prefer cold drinks to be kept cold and hot food to be kept hot, and this is easier when hot and cold items are kept separate.

  • Item tampering

    An important part of the UberEATS experience for consumers is receiving their items intact. Sometimes, a consumer will let our support team know that their order was opened, damaged or that items were missing. This could mean items have been opened, the packaging may be damaged, items are missing or, in rare cases, that some of the order may have been eaten.

    Accidents can happen during delivery. Our top delivery-partners suggest carefully checking all items are included and in their packaging before leaving the restaurant, and if there is any damage during transit, letting the consumer know when completing a delivery.

  • Door-to-door delivery

    There is a pickup and drop off fee for each delivery, and the drop off fee is there to ensure orders are successfully delivered to the consumer. Sometimes, a consumer will let us know that their delivery instructions were not followed correctly. Although the app gives consumers a choice between kerbside delivery or delivery to their door, generally, consumers prefer that delivery-partners deliver to their door, and that door-to-door service can have a positive impact on the rating they give delivery-partners.

    It’s not always possible to park and deliver an order to a consumer’s door. However, top delivery partners suggest always checking the delivery drop off instructions and doing their best to accommodate the request. If door-to-door drop off isn’t possible, the best delivery-partners recommend contacting the consumer and asking politely if they can collect their order kerbside.

  • Someone else delivered an order

    Sometimes, a consumer or restaurant lets us know someone other than the delivery-partner handled the food for a delivery. Our consumers and restaurant partners expect that the person shown in the app will pick up and drop off the delivery. Sharing a delivery profile with other people is against UberEATS policy.

    It’s important that you make sure you don’t let other people use your account. To avoid any confusion, many delivery-partners make sure that their profile photo in the app looks like them. If you have friends who want to deliver with UberEATS, you can refer them to UberEATS and you may even receive a referral incentive.

  • Inappropriate behaviour

    An inappropriate behaviour complaint is when a consumer or restaurant partner lets our support team know they felt uncomfortable during a delivery. This can include inappropriate comments or unwelcome communication before, during or after a delivery.

    Even seemingly harmless comments can be taken out of context. With this in mind, our top delivery-partners suggest always being mindful of how what you say could be misinterpreted. We take complaints seriously, and consumers and restaurant partners expect delivery-partners to be courteous and polite at all times. The same is expected of anyone who uses the UberEATS app.

  • Personal presentation

    Personal presentation complaints are when a consumer or restaurant partner lets us know they felt the delivery partner had poor personal presentation. This includes things like not wearing shoes or wearing stained or torn clothing.

    Staying neat and tidy makes a good impression on both restaurants and customers. Top delivery partners suggest wearing clean clothes and closed-toed shoes, and removing helmets before entering a restaurant or delivering an order.

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