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Success tips for delivery-partners

The best way to learn is to learn from the best. Top delivery-partners ensure high quality service by completing deliveries quickly, making sure orders arrive undamaged, and delivering to the correct consumer and location. Read on for more delivery tips from our top partners.

Using the app to complete a delivery

  1. To accept a delivery request, tap anywhere on the screen.
  2. Tap NAVIGATE and follow the in-app directions to the restaurant.
  3. When you arrive, check the app for pick up instructions.
  4. Introduce yourself as an UberEATS delivery-partner, tell the restaurant the order number you are collecting and tap CONFIRM ORDER.
  5. Once you have the order, check the number on the UberEATS bag matches the one in your app, tap the tick icon and rate the pickup. Tap NEXT to continue.
  6. To begin the delivery, swipe right on the START DELIVERY bar. Then tap NAVIGATE and follow the directions to the consumer's location. Make sure you check if there are any special instructions for the delivery.
  7. When you arrive, Tap CONFIRM DROPOFF to view the drop off options. If you need to contact the consumer, tap the phone icon.
  8. Once you have delivered the order or left it in a safe place, swipe the COMPLETE TRIP bar. Next rate your delivery experience by selecting the thumbs up or thumbs down icon.

Delivery ratings

At the end of each completed delivery, the consumer and the restaurant partner are given the opportunity to rate their experience with either a thumbs up or thumbs down. To see your rating, tap RATINGS in the Driver App. Your delivery rating is the average of your last 500 deliveries. If your rating drops below the minimum average rating to deliver in your city, you may lose access to the app.

Providing great service

Here are some tips from restaurants, customers and delivery-partners on what makes a successful delivery.

  • Carefully follow the specific pickup and delivery instructions included with each order.
  • Check the order numbers and number of items at the restaurant are correct.
  • Use an insulated delivery bag to keep items secure and hot (or cold).
  • Message the consumer in the app if there are any problems locating them.
  • Bring the order to the consumer’s door, or following their delivery instructions.
  • Be polite, courteous and friendly.
  • Only deliver using the vehicle listed on your delivery partner profile.

Maintaining a high rating

Successful delivery-partners say that the following help them maintain a high rating:

  • Use the Uber app to navigate and taking advantage of the detailed pickup, restaurant, parking and drop off instructions in-app.
  • Deliver the order to the consumer’s door or following their specific delivery instructions.
  • Message the consumer in the Uber Driver App to contact them and coordinate pick-up.
  • Use an insulated food delivery bag to help maintain the food’s temperature, which also helps protect their vehicles from spills and odours.
  • Delivery-partners using a motorbike or scooter should strap their food delivery bags to their vehicles.

Getting help

The person you need to contact will depend on which stage of the delivery process you’re at.

  • If you’re not currently delivering an order, go to the HELP section of the app and follow the prompts, or visit and login.
  • If you’re about to accept an order you can contact the restaurant by tapping the ‘Phone’ symbol next to the restaurant name. When you are ready to pick up an order, you can tap CONTACT and then SENDER to contact the restaurant.
  • If you’ve picked up the delivery and have a question for the consumer, tap CONTACT and then RECIPIENT.
  • During a delivery, if you can’t get in contact with either the restaurant or the consumer, our support team is here to help - use the relevant number below, depending on your city.


0800 398 741


0800 450 037


0800 450 024

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