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Auckland Airport (AKL)

Helpful info for driver-partners

Rules and regulations

AKL for Uber partners

Driver-partners can drop-off passengers at Auckland Airport. However, they are not permitted by the airport to do pick-ups.

We’re working on putting in place a suitable arrangement with the Airport for both riders and drivers - we’ll keep you posted.

In certain circumstances, driver-partners may be able to register with the airport on an individual basis as a ‘pre-charter operator’. You can learn more about this below.

Auckland pickups

Register for pick-ups at AKL

Auckland Airport does not allow rideshare vehicles to pick up riders without the proper pre-charter registration. Driver-partners can register for airport pick-ups on the airport website (there are registration costs involved).

The airport may issue fines to any drivers who complete unauthorised pick-ups. It is your responsibility to ensure you do not accept airport trips unless you are registered with the airport.

If you receive an airport trip request are not able to enter into the airport to pick a rider up, let the trip request expire. Riders expect a pick-up on airport property.

Rides to AKL

How to drop off riders

Uber is a convenient option for travellers heading to their airport. At AKL, simply drop off riders at their requested terminal on the departures level. It's important to stay online and keep the Uber driver app open until you leave airport property.

How to accept trips

Receiving trip requests

At Auckland Airport, trip requests for pre charter operators are 'virtually queued'. This means that authorised driver-partners receive trip requests in the order they arrive at the airport.

Partners in the 'queue' will not receive trip requests from outside of the airport queue zone.

There are 3 ways you can be pushed to the back of the 'queue':

  1. Leaving the airport queue zone
  2. Rejecting a trip request
  3. Ending a trip, unless a rider cancels

Airport surcharges

Riders fees at AKL

Pick up

For pre-charter operators, the $5 pick-up fee will be automatically applied to the rider’s fare.

Pre-charter operators must pick-up and drop-off in the pre-charter area, as required by the airport, for the fees to be automatically added to the fare.

Due to ongoing infrastructure changes at the Auckland Domestic Airport, the pick-up and drop-off zone for all drivers providing passenger transport services and registered with TAMS will now be located outside the Jetstar forecourt in the Pre-Booked Taxi Area. Click here to view the Auckland Airport maps.

Drop off

For pre-charter operators, the $2 drop-off fee will be automatically applied to the rider's fare if the trip is successfully completed.

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