The Driven women of Uber

March 20, 2018 / New Zealand

Meet Georgia

Head of Uber for Business – Australia/New Zealand

“What ‘progress’ would I like to see for women in our society? More guts, more confidence, more flexibility, more coaching about life stages and how that interacts with their career.”

My friends would describe me as loyal, extremely fun, and driven. A driven woman is someone who knows that they can’t be perfect at everything but does everything that they believe makes them whole. I’ve done it all: studied architecture, was a Canyoning instructor in the Swiss Alps ran a pub, moonlit as a graphic designer, and sales role for 14 years, where I developed teams in Sydney, New York and Brazil. This led to where I am now at Uber, where I love launching new products, building out teams, and working with stakeholders to build businesses. Helping everyone in my team develop their skills – that’s my passion. With this comes a myriad of general management, entrepreneurial activities as well as sales management and development tasks. I seriously wore a thousand hats last year!

My proudest moment was when I was awarded the 2017 Collaboration Award by the Executive Leadership Team and the wider Uber ANZ business. Launching a new business within an established and thriving wider business is challenging, especially being the first true corporate sales division in a consumer business. It was an incredibly memorable moment to earn the respect and trust of my peers and the wider team, and having my team and our brand acknowledged as a key component of the wider business, and our blood, sweat and tears recognised.

It feels like a career milestone every time I struck up the courage and conviction to ask for something bigger and got it. Every moment was risky – was I good enough, could I do it, what if I failed, would they laugh at me, would I miss out on opportunities because I would be perceived as too forthright, even perhaps arrogant? I would not have had the opportunity or experiences to be where I am today had I not pioneered every single move.

If I could give advice to other women about my journey in the hopes of inspiring their progress, it would be this:

  • Don’t fear being a female, we have more power and intelligence than we get credit for.
  • Don’t always think that compensation determines what you deliver – it will come if you excel.
  • Don’t believe you are what your current role is – think and act two roles ahead and you will become it.
  • Don’t do what I did and turn down roles because you wanted to have a baby – it doesn’t happen overnight. Take the role, and then educate your employer on why they need to support you if you do become pregnant. I’m a better leader, business woman, sister, daughter, girlfriend and friend because I’ve had a baby, so don’t ever let that cloud your decision making.
  • Ask for everything, don’t wait for it to come to you.
  • Always make time to have a wine with your girlfriends – you might actually learn something about yourself.

Why is it important to celebrate International Women’s Day?

Well, because I have a daughter! We are a driving force, and the changes from my days at school or uni to where we are now is incredible. I am confident my daughter and her friends will be dumbfounded by what we had to endure and push forward, which is such a great feeling as a mother and leader. I hope through us continuing to recognise great women, the iterations of this over the next few decades continue to wow women and men all over the world.