Partnership With New Zealand Red Cross To Assist With The Mobility Of Staff And Volunteers

August 4, 2015 / New Zealand

Uber is proud to announce a national partnership with New Zealand Red Cross to assist with the mobility of volunteers across the country and provide access to reliable and safe transport for citizens and cities in times of need.

Uber is partnering with New Zealand Red Cross to support local campaigns and causes.

As part of the partnership, Uber will support ongoing New Zealand Red Cross community events such as clothing drives and donation appeals with safe, affordable and reliable transportation options for New Zealand Red Cross’ volunteers and participating community members.

“New Zealand Red Cross is delighted to receive generous support from Uber and is looking forward to working together.  A reliable and efficient transport service is crucial for the delivery of our community services –  Uber’s support will help us to transport our volunteers, staff and members of the community.”

– Matthew McCracken, Corporate Partnerships Manager, New Zealand Red Cross

Uber is partnering with New Zealand Red Cross to help communities’ disaster relief efforts.

Uber’s goal is to be as reliable as running water at all times. Part of that commitment is ensuring there are cars on the road at times of peak demand, such as after major sporting events, New Year’s Eve, or during bad weather. To achieve this, we have dynamic pricing that automatically increases fares to encourage drivers on to the road to meet the demand. Once there is enough supply, prices go back to normal.

As part of this partnership, Uber is committing to donate its service fee on trips that include dynamic, or surge, pricing during states of emergency, such as severe storms, to New Zealand Red Cross.

That means for trips with elevated pricing during an emergency, 20 per cent of the total fare will be donated to New Zealand Red Cross’ emergency relief efforts. Please note that Uber’s pricing algorithms will be capped during relevant states of emergency in affected New Zealand cities. This policy intends to strike the careful balance between the goal of transportation availability with community expectations of affordability during disasters.

“The New Zealand Red Cross provides critical support to our communities and we are thrilled to be able to play a part in supporting their efforts. As Uber becomes available in more New Zealand cities, and as we grow our local team to be based across multiple cities, we hope to be able to also grow the partnership and support their activities across the country.”

– Oscar Peppitt, General Manager NZ, Uber

Uber is embedded in the fabric of the cities where we operate – our employees and partners are also passionate members of the community. We are proud to stand alongside New Zealand Red Cross and support their continued efforts across the country and overseas.


New Zealand Red Cross In The Community

In New Zealand, Red Cross community and education programmes involve most New Zealanders at some point in their life and range in scope:

  • Over 500,000 Meals delivered to the venerable through Meals on Wheels
  • Free Community Transport for those unable to make hospital appointments
  • Emergency Management and Welfare assistance in times of disaster
  • Support to the people of Christchurch through earthquake recovery
  • Resettlement of all former refugees,
  • 10,000 young people educated in alcohol and drug awareness
  • 60,000 New Zealanders in first aid
  • Providing free of charge basic first aid training to 50,000 Kiwi kids
  • Quality 2nd hand items through the network of Red Cross shops