Uber Eats

How do delivery fees work on Uber Eats?

October 20, 2020 / New Zealand

The delivery fee is the total delivery amount charged by the restaurant to help cover the delivery costs. Your delivery fee may include multiple components, including: 

Delivery Fee

You’ll see a different fee for each restaurant. The delivery fee depends on multiple factors, including the distance between you and the merchant, the average cost of orders from the merchant, your location and relative selection in an area. You’ll always know how much this fee is before selecting a restaurant. 

Priority Delivery Fee*

An optional fee, where you pay a higher delivery fee for direct delivery. This means that your order will be the first drop off on a delivery partner’s trip with Uber Eats. 

No Rush Delivery Fee Discount*

An optional discount, where you pay a lower delivery fee to save with a short wait. Please note, if you select this option, you are more likely to share a delivery partner with a nearby customer ordering from the same restaurant.

Busy Area Fee*

During times of high demand you may be asked to pay a higher delivery fee when you place an order. This fee is designed to keep the Uber Eats experience reliable and to help ensure you have a wide selection of your favourite local restaurants. If a busy area fee applies, an arrow will appear below the restaurant name and the higher delivery fee will be displayed

* This fee may not apply in your city. Please check the Uber Eats app to see what is available in your city.