Christchurch, ridesharing is arriving now.

March 15, 2016 / Christchurch

Whether you’re heading to work in Hornby, going to the cinema in Sydenham or fancy a meal and a glass of wine or two in the CBD – getting around Christchurch just got a whole lot easier.

From midday today Cantabrians will be able to download the Uber app to request a safe, reliable, affordable and accessible ride whenever and wherever they are in the city. 

Ridesharing will give local residents and visitors a new way to move around the city, and to celebrate our arrival we’re offering everyone five free rides over the next two weeks!

Rugby legend, Israel Dagg, and our first Cantabrian Uber driver-partner, Kirsty, shared the South Island’s first Uber ride in Christchurch this morning.

Evolving the way Christchurch moves

In many ways Christchurch has become a city of villages. From Addington to Barrington, Sydenham to The Palms, our suburbs are as individual as they are intriguing.

But in a city in the midst of being rebuilt, where many suburbs are underserved by public transport; and many more are only accessible by car or taxi, getting around hasn’t been easy. In fact for most Cantabrians getting a bus isn’t an option, and getting a taxi is simply unaffordable.

Whether it’s getting to work in the outer suburbs or going shopping in Riccarton or Northlands, most Cantabrians have come to rely on their car to get from A to B.

Today that all changes. Now anyone, anywhere can push a button and get a ride in minutes, and as we have seen in 400 cities around the world, this will transform how Christchurch moves.

For suburbs like New Brighton, for example, ridesharing opens up exciting new possibilities for residents and visitors alike. Heading into the CBD for a meal or glass of wine is now an appealing option; commuters can choose whether to leave their car at home or share a ride; and small businesses can open up without worrying about their proximity to transport hubs or parking space.

The ability the push a button and get a ride in minutes is evolving the way our cities move, and in doing so having a positive impact on issues cities such as Christchurch have been grappling with for years. Issues such as drink-driving; access to flexible work for those that need it; urban regeneration; and congestion.

In a city rebuilding for a strong and sustainable future, we believe that ridesharing will be a positive for Cantabrians and the local economy and will contribute to making Christchurch a more livable, economically vibrant and better connected place to be.

We look forward to seeing you on the road!

Uber On Christchurch!

For more information on Uber’s safety processes in Christchurch, please see here. For more information on Uber’s operations in Christchurch please see here.