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Travel Green with Uber in the Netherlands 🌱

June 22, 2020 / Netherlands

We are introducing Uber Green in the Netherlands. It is a new eco-friendly ride option that makes it possible to travel 100% electric and emission free.

3 reasons to get excited about Uber Green

100% electric, 0% emission

A silent, cleaner and climate-conscious way of driving. With this service, we contribute to reducing pollution, improving air quality and reducing the carbon footprint of every trip. 100% electric, 0% emission. 

Green cities

The introduction of Uber Green is an important step in making all trips via the platform in the Netherlands 100% green as soon as possible. We agreed with the city of Amsterdam that we’ll accomplish that goal by 2025 for trips in Amsterdam.

Be part of an eco-friendly movement

Never underestimate the power of a small gesture. Especially when it means opting for a more sustainable and a more environmentally-respectful mobility.

Trips made via Uber Green have an additional charge on top of UberX fares, which benefits the stimulation of electric car use on our platform. This helps drivers with transitioning to electric driving and covers the additional costs. The aim of the service is to reduce fuel consumption, improve air quality and reduce the carbon footprint of each trip.

Where is Uber Green available?

Uber Green is now available in Amsterdam and Rotterdam and will be expanded to other cities soon.

Door-to-Door Safety Standard

As with all our products, all cars active on the Uber platform in the Netherlands have mandatory dividers installed between the front and backseats to help protect passengers and drivers. We ask you to sit in the back seat to allow for more space between you and your driver.

Learn more about our new Door-to-door safety standard

Make your next trip a little more eco-friendly and try the new Uber Green.