Tips for Amsterdam Dance Event 2018

October 11, 2018 / Netherlands

That time has come again: from the 17th – 20th October, Amsterdam Dance Event will turn the capital upside down. For those that don‘t know, ADE is the world‘s largest international festival and business event for lovers of electronic music. Each year thousands pour into Amsterdam from across the globe to dance to the hottest tracks, network with the industry’s biggest producers and discuss their favorite music at lectures and panels. Uber, of course, are also part of the party – this year Uber and ADE will be collaborating for the 5th year in a row to move you and your friends across town as fast and comfortable as possible. To make it easy, here are a few tips around ADE to help you do just that!

Uber ADE tips

Ready, set, go!
Well begun is half done! Before you use Uber, please check if your Uber app is up to date, if you’re still logged in and if a correct, valid paying method is linked to your account. Certainly nothing is more annoying than not being able to order a ride when you’re ready to head to the party!

Always and everywhere in and around Amsterdam
Late at night or early in the morning, it doesn’t matter at what time your want to change locations, Uber is there for you 24/7.

Let people know where you are
How convenient to let your friends know that you’re almost there: at the entrance of the club, to pick them up or safe at home. Share your ride and location via the button “share trip status”. The one you share this with will be provided with a link to track you live, and will know when you arrive. Safe and convenient!

Know before you go
With over 400.000 visitors it will be busy in Amsterdam and as there will be a big demand, dynamic pricing may possibly apply. That way we ensure that more Uber-drivers will hit the road. The app will always give an indication of the price before you order an Uber, so you’ll always be informed on the price of the ride in advance. Do you think the rate is too high? Wait for a moment, within a short time the crowds and therefore the dynamic rate will be reduced again.

Check your driver and your car
Be sure to check the model and license plate of the car to make sure you’re in the right vehicle. Moreover, the app always provides you with your drivers’ name and picture.

Multiple stops
During ADE you don’t party on your own. Do you want to pick up or drop off your friends? Add the address of your stopover to your trip in the app, in order for the driver to know where he needs to go without any confusion. During the trip you can click “Add or Change” and add any extra stops to your trip via the “+” sign on the top.

Going Dutch: Split your fare!
Select Split Fare at the bottom of your screen during the trip to share the costs of the ride easily with your friends. This way, it doesn’t matter who orders the Uber and your trip is worry-free!

Other tips and tricks

Compose your own program
With so many artists at ADE this year, it will be pretty difficult to trawl through the line-up and find what you want on the day. Activities, dance parties, lectures and presentations will be going on day-and-night throughout the weekend and all around the city. If you want to make sure you don’t miss something you want to see, you can put together your own program on the ADE website and determine what you want to attend. Plan your own schedule now so you’re ready to party non-stop on the day!

Special Deal
For the 5th year running, Uber and ADE have partnered up to give you the best festival experience imaginable. To take part, download the app, request a ride and enter in promo code ADE2018 to receive €10 off on your first trip. You can add the promo code through menu, payments, add promo code. The discount will automatically apply to your first trip.