Uber during King’s Day 2018

April 3, 2018 / Netherlands

There are many ways to celebrate the King’s birthday. You can do an orange hat and flock to the canals, head to The Hague’s Malieveld or join in with the festival atmosphere in Rotterdam. With so much going on, as you can imagine, it’s rather busy around the city centre. To make sure you’re able to get from A-to-B as safely and smoothly as possible, we’re sharing some expert travel tips to give you a headstart on your King’s Day plans:

Tip 1

On both King’s Night and King’s Day, parts of the city will be closed to make way for the festivities. To avoid this affecting your journey, we recommend you arrange a convenient pickup location with your Uber driver. An ideal place would be just outside the city centre, which will make it easier for your driver to reach you.

Tip 2

To help you find each other, or if you need to give your Uber driver some additional pickup instructions, you can use the handy and anonymous ‘Contact’ feature. This allows you to get in touch with your driver directly to discuss the finer details. Don’t forget, when your driver turns up, always make sure the licence plate corresponds with the one highlighted in the Uber app.

Tip 3

Busy times often means that Uber’s dynamic fares can change. More traffic on the roads can increase the estimated travel time or distance, especially if you need to take an alternative route. If this is the case, we recommend that you keep notifications turned on in your Uber app, which will alert you if the dynamic fare no longer applies.

For the Amsterdam party goers: be mindful that the Amsterdam Canals are closed off for traffic. Please walk outside of the highlighted area on the map below.

Have fun & Uber on!