Jah: “I meet the most amazing humans from around the world every day”

February 22, 2019 / Netherlands

Meet Jah, a man with an agenda which fully revolves around generating energy. Besides driving via the Uber app (in a hybrid Toyota, ofcourse) he also acts as a chairman for 4REN ENERGY INTERNATIONAL LTD, an organisation which is committed to taking on as many projects as possible regarding gaining renewable energy in Africa.

Sustainability is clearly Jah’s passion, so when we asked him if he could tell us a bit more about his company, he enthusiastically started talking.

‘At 4REN ENERGY we believe in sustainable energy to save the environment. We are running several projects regarding solar-, wind-, hydro- and biomass energy. Our goal is to generate, transmit and distribute 5.000 MegaWatt of renewable energy to (parts of) Africa.’

How do you combine being a chairman together with driving via Uber?

‘I love driving. Uber is great for me, because it allows me to be flexible in terms of time.’ He says, ‘Whenever I have some extra time, I only have to get into the car and start driving. This is how I spend my spare time doing something I really like, while i’m also making money!’

What do you like most about driving via the Uber app?

‘The thing I like the most has to be the conversations I have with interesting people. My backseat is always occupied with the most fantastic humans who come from the whole world, which is super exciting, ofcourse. These are the things that give me a lot of energy!’

Everyone is always curious about the ingredients regarding that perfect 5-star rating, so we tried to discover Jah’s tips, and asked him about his secret recipe.

‘Ah this one is easy, 1. Smile 2. Be friendly 3. Always be professional.’