How to use Uber with friends

April 30, 2018 / Netherlands

After a busy week at work, we’re all looking forward to a weekend of fun. What better way is there to celebrate than catching up with your friends? The Uber app helps you to bring your plans together, from adding multiple destinations for more than one pickups to splitting fares. Here are five easy ways for you to organise any group outing, so you can ride like a pro.

Arranging a pickup

When you’re requesting your ride, you can choose which type of vehicle to pick you up, depending on the availability at the time. If you’re sharing your ride with a large group of friends, you can ensure there’s plenty of space to fit everyone in by selecting a vehicle that’s roomier with extra seats. Want to make a statement? You might prefer to ride with UberBLACK and to step out in style from a premium car.

Splitting your fare

Just like splitting the bill at dinner – everyone can chip in with the split fare option. When booking your ride, all you need to do is select the payment option, choose ‘Split Fare’ and enter the names and contact numbers of your friends. There’s no need to dig around for an extra 50p or get your calculator out, the app divides the fare equally, so everything can be settled smoothly before you set off. Each one of your friends will get a notification from Uber to accept the fare – once everyone accepts, you’ll be on your way.

Choose multiple destinations

Make the journey even more convenient by selecting multiple destinations to pick up your friends. Why travel alone when you can get into the spirit on the way? Each trip includes two additional stops that you can choose at the start. Bear in mind that each stop should be within three minutes or less, which will help you to maintain a good momentum.

Sharing your status

Let someone know exactly where you are in the city by sharing your location. This is a great way to invite more friends to join your group and update them on where to meet. Another handy feature is to sync your contacts, which allows you to synchronise with your friends via the Uber app. They’ll be able to track where you are on your journey and be ready to greet you with a warm welcome.