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Everything you wanted to know about Uber

December 18, 2018 / Netherlands

We put thousands of people in touch with rides across the world every day. In the Netherlands, Uber gets people from A to B comfortably 24 hours a day and we’re involved in many places, from King’s Day to Pride and Amsterdam Dance Event. We can imagine that you want to know more about us – so, here’s us!

It all started in Paris…
In 2008, Uber-founder Travis Kalanick and his friend Garrett Camp attended a congress in Paris. After, they needed to get home, but there was no taxi in sight. As they stood in the snow, they thought “it would be nice if we could just order a taxi from a smartphone”. Back in San Fran, they developed this idea and in 2009 they founded the company we know today.

Who’s in charge?
Our international company with more than 16,000 employees is now being led by Dara Khosrowshahi. Coming from Expedia, Dara definitely knows his way around travel. He also holds positions at the New York Times, among other things, and is personally committed to helping refugees in need.

Uber Worldwide
Our headquarters are in Silicon Valley, the tech capital of the world, but we also have offices in London, São Paulo, Mexico City and Amsterdam, among others. In more than 600 cities worldwide, spread over 65 countries, you can request a ride from the Uber app and a ride will be with you in a flash.

So many trips!
At 22:12 on 10th June 2018, Uber’s 10 billionth ride was requested. At that moment, 173 journeys were actually started simultaneously, spread over more than 21 countries on six continents. The previous milestone of 5 billion trips was achieved in June 2017. That’s double in a year!

We’re just getting started…
Uber started in 2009 as a solution to a simple problem: how do you book a ride from your phone without a phone number? Our journey has only just begun, but so much has already happened – people have found jobs or the loves of their lives during rides. Even babies have been born during rides with Uber! But, at every point, none of this would’ve been possible without you, the riders. Here’s to many years to come!