Kingsday in Amsterdam: Everything you need to know.. for a perfect Kingsday

April 26, 2017 / Amsterdam

Dutch | English

Kingsday is coming and we want to give you all the tips and tricks to make sure you will feel like a King or Queen with Uber!

There will be a record of drivers online to make sure you’ll get through the city fast, easily, and safely. There are things you need to take in account: It will be very busy and the city centre in Amsterdam (marked in orange) will be closed for vehicles at daytime.

This means we can’t pick you up or drop you off in this area.

The city council closed the city centre for cars between 9am and 11pm.

Till than, please walk outside this area to order an Uber, you can always call your driver to check what will work best.

 When the orange area is open again for vehicles, you will see it directly in the Uber app.



Contact your driver

Call or text your driver through the app! Have you ordered an Uber? Open in the app the screen with all the trip details and choose ‘contact’. This way you both will easily find each other.





Dynamic pricing


Uber works with dynamic pricing. This way, the trip prices will go up between a short amount of time in areas where it’s extremely busy. This will create more online drivers at busy spots. We can still guarantee a reliable price between extremely busy moments.

When there are enough Uber drivers online, the prices will go down again. You will always be informed via the app before you roder about the estimate price including the surge. Based on that information you can still decide whether you want to order an Uber or wait for a little bit longer.



Going Dutch

Not feeling like chasing your friends to pay for the Uber you shared! You can easily share your Uber costs with friends who have a Uber account as well! Click on ‘share costs’ during your trip and the app will automatically share the costs. The price will stay reliable even at the busiest moments.






Please be aware you pick up can take a little bit longer, because all the traffic in Amsterdam. You can always call your driver when you want to know how long it will take.





Happy Kingsday!