Bye Bye Car Keys

September 4, 2017 / Amsterdam




What’s the deal?

  • Come to the Uber Amsterdam HQ on the 15th of September, #DitchYourKeys, receive useful tips for the week and get going! 


  • Get everything you need to get you through the week, provided by Uber, Snappcar and access to public transport via the Nationale Spoorwegen (NS)


  • Challenge completed? Share your experiences with us during a roundtable discussion




*To take part in the Ditch Your Keys challenge you need to be 18 years or older and in the possession of a valid drivers license

**The challenge will mainly take place in Amsterdam. Uber will pick the 20 final participants and only only potential participants that live in Amsterdam will be accepted. The final participants will be notified separately. 





Let’s talk about car ownership for a minute.

Living in a congested city: do you really need your car? How much time do you spend trying to find a parking spot? Can’t we do something much more exciting with that parking space? Sure we can! 

In Amsterdam, 68% of respondents believe that apps like Uber are a genuine alternative to car ownership. Now. That’s something!

European Mobility Week kicks off on the 16th of September and we challenge you to ditch your car keys for the week. Instead, get around town using just app-based mobility services like Uber, SnappCar and using the business card provided by the National Railways (NS).  As long as it’s not your private car*.

Oh, and we’ll take care of everything you need to get around Amsterdam** with Uber, SnappCar and the NS Business Card. Off course. 


Are you ready to #DitchYourKeys?