Uber Amsterdam goes green

October 9, 2017 / Amsterdam

In September, together with LeasePlan, Nissan and Nuon, we announced a pilot to expand the number of fully electric vehicles available through the Uber app in Amsterdam. Making a positive contribution to cities has always been at the heart of what we do and this pilot is an important step towards helping Amsterdam become a greener, healthier and better place to live. Here’s what’s happening:

  • Today: Next time you request an uberX – be sure to take a good look at the car. If it looks a bit different and sounds a bit quieter, you might be riding in a Nissan LEAF. These fully electric vehicles are now available on the Uber app in Amsterdam. Riders will be notified that they have been connected to an electric vehicle by a 🌱 next to the driver’s lisence plate number. 
  • By end of 2018: Our goal is to have over 200 electric cars available through the Uber app. This pilot is going to teach us about the current charging infrastructure in Amsterdam and the battery capacity of the electric vehicles when they are being used to transport passengers from A to B.



Meet, Camiel, one of the the drivers who is helping bring the pilot to life:

Camiel has been driving with Uber since the summer and is looking forward to picking up passengers in his new Nissan LEAF.

Why did you choose to participate in the pilot?

Driving an electric car is a relief for the city. The car is hardly audible and does not exhaust emissions. It also saves me money because the cost of use is significantly lower than driving a gas powered car.

How do you think riders will react?

I think that passengers who request a ride through the Uber app and are matched with an electric car will have a pleasant and comfortable experience. There is an increasing amount of interest for green and economical driving in Amsterdam, so I’m sure it will spark conversation with passengers.


We’re excited to work toward Amsterdam’s goal of of clean, emission-free transport by 2025.