Driver Announcements

Making the most of your time

November 3, 2017 / Nigeria

We’re committed to making the driving experience as rewarding and as stress-free as possible. Your time is valuable and these new features will help you make the most out of it.


Get paid while you wait

With arrival times just a few minutes, riders need only request a ride when it’s time to leave. We know that you’re often happy to wait, but we believe that riders should pay for your time.

Paid wait time will kick in 5 minutes after you arrive at the pick-up point and until you start the trip. How does it work? You’ll see a timer in the app indicating that wait time is being charged. Paid wait time only applies if the trip is completed and will be shown on the trip receipt with any dynamic pricing applied.  

Ratings protection

Sometimes a rider may give their trip a low rating for reasons beyond your control - such as an issue with the app or traffic. Previously, these ratings would have counted towards your overall rating, even if they weren’t a reflection of your service. With rating protection, these specific ratings will not affect your overall rating.

In-app chat

Now it’s easier than ever to contact your riders. Simply send messages to riders directly through the Driver App. When you need to contact the rider you’re picking up, you will now have the option to ‘Chat’ or ‘Call.’ You can quickly respond to a message by tapping a ‘thumbs up’ button. Incoming messages will also be read aloud to you if your voice navigation is enabled.